“Culture is something you recognize

when you experience it.”


Karen Abell, owner of and curator for Patina Collection, utilized this philosophy in her creation of Patina Collection. She inherited a reverent appreciation for all things with a certain “je ne sais quoi” from her great-grandfather, a custom glassblower from Alsace. Her vision for Patina Collection ensued after countless trips to Europe, visiting the grand flea markets in Paris, the weekend markets in France and falling in love with the architecture and design from Italy.


Patina Collection | Design is a retail store and design showroom in the heart of Downtown Naples. Often described as a ‘go-to shop’, Patina Collection is a thoughtfully curated assemblage of found objects, furnishings and accessories from all over the world. 


We believe in the juxtaposition of antiques alongside our private label and contemporary furnishings. Our aesthetic focuses on subdued palettes, abundant light, and natural materials to elevate your quality of life.

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351 12th Avenue South
Naples, Florida 34102

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