Patina Collection Design | Team
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Owner & Curator


“Visionary leader and discerning trendsetter”


Education through travel and school led Karen to a deep appreciation for architectural design, which she pursued through real estate sales. That career, however, was just the beginning. Because of the strong and personal relationships fostered between Karen and her clients, she was often asked to furnish the homes she sold them; thus a new venture was born creating beautiful lifestyles. Coupled with her lifelong appreciation for history and art, her raison d’etre became crystal clear. Today Karen uses her passions as inspiration on her journey; traveling to far-flung destinations to discover one of a kind treasures and help her client create stunning designs, sharing the intrinsic beauty of true ‘patina’ through Patina Collection.


Lead Designer, Partner for Patina Design


Sharp, Engaging and Masterful in the tools of Interior Design


Some Interior Designers have hallmarks of style that are so unmistakable, you recognize their work the minute you walk into a room. Not Wanda.


“I don’t have a design style. Good design isn’t about my personal style but should be centered on the client’s goals and preferences. I apply the principles and elements of good design to their vision of the perfect home, making each project unique. If I leave any trace of myself on the project I hope it is that indefinable “rightness” you experience when entering any well-designed space.”


Director / Partner


“Dynamic, Driven and Devoted to All Things In Good Taste”


An ingrained appreciation for elegance by design served Kaylie well in luxury retail; first at Henri Bendel in sales and merchandising management, and again at Restoration Hardware in a variety of roles. Kaylie has always had a fascination for operations and merchandising, and she’s thrilled to have found a home at Patina Collection where she can thrive alongside like-minded individuals and bespoke design. As Patina Collection’s Director, she fosters our distinctive culture by leading retail operations and continues building our brand story to reflect our vision and expertise.


Retail Store Advisor and Event Coordinator


Amy’s passion for the arts began at a young age; “So many people in my family are professional musicians, beginning with my parents, and I loved watching and listening to that creative process”. She found herself in other creative fields, namely a 20 year-long event-driven position with The Getty Center in California, as well as a self-owned and operated catering business. After moving to Naples, Florida five years ago, Amy has found her place amongst the Patina Collection family. “Event planning is my passion. Creating a beautiful setting with wonderful food and music, where people are enjoying themselves, makes me happy!”. Amy combines her love for event planning with her knack for the selling-process as a Retail Store Advisor and Event Coordinator.


Design Assistant


Growing up in a family of artistic people with creative passions, Heather was inspired early on to pursue her vision of exceptional design by those around her. She has a propensity for creating and delivering designs that have a positive impact on people’s lives. Heather believes design should not only fit your lifestyle, but inspire you every day. She spent her schooling learning about the principles of design and how the ‘built environment’ has a profound influence on the way we live and think. “Watching a design transform from a concept to an actual, livable space is such an incredible feeling. I’m constantly inspired by my surroundings.”