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Inspired spaces

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Patina Design offers the full spectrum of interior design services including space planning, furnishing and finish selections, window treatment, CAD drawings and project management. Your project is important to you, so it is important to us. Whether it spans one room or a complete home remodel it will receive top priority status.


Patina Design’s Lead Designer, Wanda Pfeiffer, possesses an impressive design portfolio that spans decades. She is a Registered Interior Designer licensed by the Florida Board of Architecture and Interior Design, and is certified by the National Council for Interior Design Qualifications. Her previous projects cover Florida and the Caribbean up to Chicago, displaying her grasp of all aesthetics, Gulf to Gold Coast.


Wanda brings her experience and commitment to every project, making her personal objective to achieve your personal goals, interpret your vision and produce results that exceed your expectations. Designing your home should be an enjoyable experience and Wanda believes the most important element of a successful design project is communication employing one very important skill: actively listening to your needs. With more than 29 years experience, she has mastered the art of streamlining a project in order to troubleshoot potential issues and avoid costly mistakes effortlessly.


From the initial consultation to the final installation Patina Design will be your partner facilitating your vision for your perfect home.  You are encouraged to actively participate in the entire Design Process.

1. Initial Consultation

The initial consultation typically takes place in the store. This is the getting-to-know-you meeting to ensure we are a good fit for your project and vice versa. This phase is the time to talk about your design goals and personal style.

2. Preliminary Design

The Preliminary Design phase takes place in your home in order for Wanda to get a grasp on your space first-hand. Be prepared for questions and possibly a homework assignment: gather all necessary information to arm Wanda with the tools to design your perfect space.

3. Design Development

You will review the preliminary design and help refine the project. Once all design details are tweaked Wanda prepares a proposal to project how many hours are required to accomplish your goals, time frame and other specifics. After submitting the signed proposal and deposit if applicable you are one step closer to completion!

4. Document Preparation

Paperwork is a necessary evil! Lucky for you, Patina Design handles all of it: purchasing, specifications, design drawings, scheduling, supervision, receiving, inspections, etc.

5. Final Installation

This is the happy day of delivery and installation. We work around the clock to meet deadlines and make sure you arrive exclaiming “How beautiful” and enjoy.

Trade Program

Are you a designer too? We offer a 15% discount (antiques excluded) upon providing your credentials.

Florida Board of Architecture and Interior Design License #ID0004510

National Council for Interior Design Qualifications #016620

Degree in Interior Design

ALA Lighting Specialist/ American Lighting Society